Why do many beauty salons require a reservation fee/deposit?


Everyone who works in the beauty industry would like their clients to appear at the appointed place and time. Therefore, many beauty salons and private specialists prefer a reservation fee/deposit booking scheme.

For some customers it seems bewildering: ‘’ Why should I pay 20-50% of the cost of the procedure until I have been provided with a service?” – they think.  
But the majority of us know: one circumstance always remains unchanged – mood swings in women cannot be predicted.

Anything, not only storm warning or natural disasters, can make significant adjustments to our plans. And the decision in favour of a cup of tea or coffee under a cosy blanket is made. In this case, the client reschedules the procedure for an indefinite period of time and calls to cancel the visit. Some clients cancel their appointment 5 minutes before the procedure, some just do not show up, stop responding to calls or messages. And such clients, unfortunately, are many. Therefore, do not be offended if there is a deposit/prepayment scheme for the intended procedure. Another thing, if the reputation of the salon or private specialist is in doubt. Then, surely it is worth to make the decency clear: read reviews, check photos of works – get rid of your doubts. Let’s have a look at how it affects beauty salons or private specialists.

What is the Reservation Fee/Deposit for?

Reservation Fee/Deposit is a way to maintain respectful and responsible relations between the parties. Advance payment to secure the booking means that the client has a specific time fixed for the required service that can be provided, and this time will not be sold to anyone else.

The key phrase here is ‘’service can be provided’’. Or it may be ‘’not provided’’ if the client is late for more time that is allocated in the treatment protocol as well as in case of no-show.

For example, a client is booked for a certain procedure at 1 p.m and the length of the procedure is 2 hours. It means that the time slot from 1 – 3 p.m is reserved for this client. The service should start at 1 p.m. If the client is late and the service, as well as alternative procedure or technique, cannot be provided, the salon or the specialist may refuse the service. In this case, the cost of the time reservation is neither returned nor transferred to another day.

A client who arrives at the right time should be serviced on time by default. Unfortunately, the reverse practice is common not only in the beauty industry: a client that arrives late receives all the attention and a client who arrives right on time is forced to wait.

‘’No-show’’, cancellations and reschedules later than the stated time frame described in the Terms and Conditions section mean deal/pre-registration will be voided as the salon or specialist allocated resources in advance. 
The client’s failure to appear without a notification makes it impossible to use the waiting list. Additionally, the time slot that came suddenly available cannot be sold even at a discounted price. 
Which means, time is not sold, and the company or a private specialist incurs losses. Also, misses the opportunity to book in other clients on the same date and time.

Taking everything into consideration,

there is really nothing outrageous about the deposit scheme. Moreover, it is better to say not ‘’Deposit’’, but a paid Reservation of time which is a separate service. Therefore, Reservation Fee/Deposit is non-refundable but will be fully redeemed against the treatment price.

Having said that – a paid reservation is intended for those who want to receive a procedure at a suitable time. Thus, a beauty salon or a private specialist has an ability to provide services and serve customers at a high level without constant ‘’fires’’.

There are at least two advantages of the deposit:


  • You will receive the selected procedure in full at the right time. 


  • In order to reserve your time slot, you do not need to visit the salon. You can transfer the deposit online at any convenient time. 

It is your choice whether to book an appointment or not when there is a Reservation Fee/Deposit scheme. The most important part is, that both sides should always treat each other with understanding and respect. Remember, TIME is more precious than gold or any other valuable treasures.

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