The Best Eyebrow Shape For Your Face Shape


Brow industry has become a separate phenomenon in the Beauty World.
There are both their own authorities and their own trends, which seriously influence the idea of what the image of a modern girl should be. And these trends are always changing – even though not as often as trends in make-up or, say, manicure.

Let’s talk about current trends in 2019.

If we talk about viable trends that can be followed in everyday makeup, then in 2019 attention should be paid to the softly arched eyebrows with a feathery texture. Naturalness is in trend again. However, this does not mean that other forms of eyebrows are not considered.

Just keep in mind that incorrect eyebrow shape can visually spoil even ideal features. Choosing the right shape and technique despite following beauty trends, on the contrary, can make the face more beautiful. In order not to make a mistake, choose eyebrow style based on the type of your face.

How To Choose The Eyebrow Shape For Your Face?

Round Face
Ladies with a round shaped face are often concerned that their features lack sharpness. Graphic eyebrow shape is a solution to a problem. 
The high, sharp arches providing a vertical point on your face work best making it look thinner by lifting everything upwards. Alternatively, soft angled eyebrow shape can be used by women who are uncomfortable with the high arches.

Oval Face
Even though ladies with an elongated oval face can be considered blessed, it is not recommended to choose a shape with an arch – such eyebrows can make the appearance more serious or even strict.  
The two most suitable options for the oval shape are either straight eyebrows or a softly curved arch in the spirit of 2019 trend.

Heart-Shaped Face
This is the trickiest face shape as the attention is already drawn to the eyes and the forehead. Firstly, eyebrows should not be too wide and fluffy so the forehead does not look heavy. Secondly, sharp and straight lines should be avoided. The best option for heart-shaped face is to slightly soften the bend of the eyebrows.

Square Face
Square and rectangular face shapes need thicker eyebrows with a strong arch to balance out heavy jawline. Choose an average width, lowering the ‘’tail’’ of the eyebrow to allow a slight visual narrowing of the facial contour.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time in the morning to sharpen a pencil to create the right eyebrow shape for your face shape you could consider Permanent Makeup.

Permanent Makeup is also known as Semi-Permanent Makeup, Facial Tattooing, Micropigmentation – is a form of cosmetic tattooing where tiny pigment particles are implanted into the papillary layer of the skin which allows having long-lasting eyebrows, eyeliner as well as a lip colour. Longevity depends on many factors including age, skin type, immune system, habits etc.

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