Six myths about Permanent Eyebrow Makeup


Everything you wanted to know about Permanent Eyebrow Makeup but were hesitant to ask. 

Myth number 1 – Permanent Eyebrow Makeup does not completely disappear.

Permanent Makeup has completely changed in the last 10-20 years. Rightly performed Permanent Makeup looks very natural and should disappear without a trace. Unfortunately, it does not always happen due to many factors: 

  • Technique
  • Implantation depth
  • Pigments used (manufacturer and chemical composition) 

Nowadays, all self-respecting companies produce certified prolonged pigments that disappear evenly over a couple of years. Sometimes due to the different speed of pigment particles disappearance woman can face their eyebrows turning grey, blue or even red. In this case, it is worth contacting a Permanent Makeup Artist in order to decide whether to perform laser removal or colour correction procedure. 

Myth number 2 – eyebrow hairs will stop growing.

Permanent Makeup does not affect the growth of eyebrow hair. Moreover, hair follicles lay between dermis and hypodermis. Tiny particles of pigment are implanted in the papillary layer of the skin which is the uppermost layer of the dermis. It intertwines with the rete ridges of the epidermis and is composed of fine and loosely arranged collagen fibres. Therefore, eyebrow hair will remain and grow as usual as the hair follicles do not get damaged in the process. 

Myth number 3 – eyebrow hair must be removed before the procedure.

Absolutely not! It is important for the Permanent Makeup Artist to follow the natural hair growth pattern. Therefore, it is desirable to come to the procedure with the maximum eyebrow hairs.  Correspondingly, only those hairs that do not fit into the desired shape of your Permanent Eyebrow Makeup will be removed.

Myth number 4 – Permanent Makeup procedure is an easy procedure that can be performed at home.

Permanent Makeup is a serious procedure that requires serious skills and well-equipped space. As a matter of fact, doing Permanent Makeup at home does not meet any sanitary standards and is illegal. 

Myth number 5 – there is no need for eyebrow shape correction after Permanent Eyebrow Makeup procedure.

As eyebrow hair will grow as usual you may need to remove hairs that do not fit into the created Permanent Eyebrow Makeup shape.  

Myth number 6 – Permanent Eyebrow Makeup cannot be an alternative to everyday makeup.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup can be an alternative to everyday makeup to some extent, especially for those who use decorative cosmetics on a daily basis as well for those who suffer from Alopecia.

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