Permanent Makeup Correction


Have you ever had a Permanent Makeup result that does not meet your expectations? Has the time come for correction and a question arisen to which Permanent Makeup Artist to go to? In this article, you will find when it is necessary to change or when you should trust your initially chosen Permanent Makeup Artist.

When should you not change your initially chosen Permanent Makeup Artist? 

  • It is undesirable to change your Permanent Makeup Artist if: on the initial procedure difficulties, such as pigment did not take well or treating area was bleeding a little, were handled in a professional manner.
    Permanent Makeup Artist gets to know your skin during the initial procedure. At the Touch-Up procedure, all the features of your skin are already known. Therefore, makes it possible to perform all needed adjustments in order to achieve the desired result.
  • There was no disagreement during the procedure. Overall pleasant atmosphere. An Artist took all the client’s wishes into account. The client left happy.
  • If the result is not entirely satisfactory: the pigment has taken paler than expected, the result is narrower or shorter than required. Do not rush to change the Artist but rather come back and explain the problem. An experienced Artist, seeing the result, will definitely offer a solution to the problem.
    Remember that Permanent Makeup is a two-step process, sometimes additional touch-ups are required. Therefore, your Artist can easily correct the problem. Do not rush to change your Artist right after the initial procedure! Keep in mind that the new Artist will also get acquainted with your skin at the beginning of the process.

When is it worth thinking about changing your Permanent Makeup Artist? 

  • The result is entirely unsatisfactory. 
  • Permanent Makeup Artist violates rules: the vermilion border of the lip is ignored, eyebrows are made higher not following the bone structure and natural eyebrow arch etc.
  • The procedure was extra painful. 
  • Very thick scabs formed during the healing process. 
  • It is better to disperse amicably and change the Artist if you are not on the same page.

When should you RUN from your Permanent Makeup Artist? 

  • There are no healed works in the portfolio or they instil fear: spotted eyebrows, unnatural colours, problems with symmetry.
  • At the stage of drawing a sketch the Artist does not clarify the client’s needs and does not explain the process and simply states: ‘’I am the master; I see this way!’’
  • Does not offer a consultation, does not specify contraindications etc. 
  • Cannot offer solutions to the problem and is not able to explain why this happened. 
  • Does not follow all Health and Safety regulations. 
  • Does not show a client disposable products, such as needle cartridges etc. 
  • Creates ‘‘insane’’ shapes, uses wrong colours, goes beyond the natural contour of eyebrows and lips etc. 

The desire to correct the poor-quality result is understandable. No one wants to walk around with blue eyebrows or asymmetrical lips.

Permanent Makeup Aim is to enhance your natural beauty.  
I am ready to help you in solving poor-quality result but may refuse in case correction cannot be performed without preliminary removal. To book your appointment click here

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