Permanent Makeup/Micropigmentation/Facial Tattooing vs. Oily Skin


Oily skin has its own characteristics that should be considered while performing Permanent Makeup.  

Characteristics of Oily Skin: 

  • Enlarged and visible pores 
  • Thicker and paler skin 
  • Prone to various forms of acne, especially in the T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) 
  • Shiny and greasy skin 
  • Skin looks plumper and less aged 

Excess fat prevents the pigment from settling down. Also, it can blur under the skin if the tattooing technique is incorrectly chosen. Consequently, touch-up procedures are needed more often as the colour loss percentage is greater than with dry or normal skin. Touch-up procedures are recommended every six months.

What technique to choose? 

Hair-Stroke technique is not an option as oily skin rejects the pigment. Regardless of the Artist’s qualifications, due to the nature of the organism, it is not possible to achieve the expected result. Correspondingly, such techniques as Hair-Stroke, 3D, 6D etc. are not suitable as the pigment is implanted at a minimum depth, which is inefficient with excessive release of fat. The boundaries increase as a result of excessive skin greasiness. Therefore, Permanent Makeup may look blurry after approximately 6 months. 

The best technique for oily skin is Shading also known as Powder Effect. Shading involves filling in the entire contour of the eyebrow with a pigment where a rather natural blurred background is created as if the eyebrows are coloured in using shadows or a soft pencil. Borders are blurred imperceptibly which allows to carry out the touch-up procedure once a year. 

Advantages of the technique:

  • Shading within the contour helps to avoid the drawn-on look 
  • Less painful than the Hair-Stroke technique 
  • Suits all skin types

Tips for Permanent Makeup to last longer 

  • Do not use peels and scrubs on the treated area, since their effect enhances regeneration. Therefore, the colour fades faster 
  • Use sunscreen during the sunny period and nourishing cream during winter time 
  • Carefully select skin care products, eliminate those that have a whitening effect

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