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  • £175 - 24mo.

Permanent Eye Makeup can be carried out with different intensity depending on the desired result.

Creating the effect of thick eyelashes by filling in the space between the lashes along the lash line. Creating the perfect winged eyeliner on both eyes. Creating eyeliner with shading imitating applied eyeshadow.

  1. Why do you need Permanent Eye Makeup?

    • Thin winged eyeliner is the option for those who have deep-set eyes. Also, light shades of eyeshadow in combination with Permanent eyebrows will help to open up the eyes and make them look more refreshed.  
    • Wide shading along with dark shadows will give depth to the convex eyes. 
    • Slightly receding from the inner corner of the eye coloured eyeliner (not black) can visually make small eyes look bigger. 
    • Longed shaded overflowing the eye eyeliner helps to correct round eyes making them look more almond-shaped. 
    • Intensely coloured at the inner corner of the eye and tapering in the direction of its outer edge eyeliner will make widely spaced eyes look closer. 
    • Eyeliner with no clearly coloured inner corner of the eye and shading towards to outer corner will visually make close-set eyes look more apart. 
    • Eyeliner that is thicker in the middle of the eye will make narrow eyes look rounder. 
    • Gradually expanding from the middle of the eye towards the outer edge eyeliner will raise the lowered outer corner. But only if it is in harmony with the shape of eyebrows. 
  2. Who is Permanent Eye Makeup for?

    • Permanent Eye Makeup is worth doing at any age as it brings back brightness to naturally fading colours as well as hides age-related changes in the skin of the eyelids.  
  3. Recommendations

    • Try to book yourself in for the procedure in the interval from the 6th to the 23rd day of the menstrual cycle. 
    • Do not drink alcohol at least 24 hours prior to the procedure. 
    • Do not drink coffee or strong tea at least 6 hours before the procedure. 
    • Exclude the use of aspirin and other blood-thinning drugs at least a week before the procedure. 
    • Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before the procedure. 
    • If you plan to get winged eyeliner make sure to have either eyebrows correction or Permanent eyebrows done beforehand. After all, the eyeliner has to be in harmony with the shape of eyebrows. 
    • Refrain from getting your eyelashes curled for at least a few days before the procedure. 
    • If you wear glasses – do not forget to take them with you as makeup with/without glasses can look completely different. 
    • If possible plan the date of your Permanent Makeup procedure before your day off (not because it will look bad, but mostly because of your comfort). 
    • In case you do not want people to see the redness or swelling right after the procedure (which sometimes does occur) please bring along sunglasses. Also, they will protect the eyes from additional irritation to the sunlight. 

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