Permanent Makeup during pregnancy or nursing


The irresistible desire to feel beautiful does not leave women even during pregnancy. At this time, they are filled with happiness from their extraordinary state and would like to look their best. Unfortunately, during this period not everyone has the time for daily makeup sessions. Therefore, some future mothers are thinking about Permanent Makeup. Undoubtedly, in search of beauty in order to save time for other important activities. 

As a practising specialist, I want to emphasize once again that pregnancy and breastfeeding are absolute Permanent Makeup contraindications. 

Permanent Makeup is a form of temporary cosmetic tattooing that involves a violation of the integrity of the skin. Tiny particles of pigment are implanted into the papillary layer of the skin. Unfortunately, the sensitivity of the skin in pregnant women increases. As a result, pain is felt more acutely which can cause premature labour. 

With all the popularity of the procedure, no research has been conducted on the effect of pigment on the body of a future mother and a baby.  

However, the reasons why Permanent Makeup is not allowed during pregnancy and nursing are: 

  • the probable possibility of bleeding or premature labour 
  • the possible negative effect of the pigment composition on the development of the fetus 
  • the use of anaesthesia (cream) during the procedure of Permanent Makeup can adversely affect the prenatal development of the baby 
  • the likely occurrence of allergic reactions due to changes in the hormonal background of the body 
  • a risk of lactation disturbance must be borne in mind due to painful sensations 
  • possible penetration of harmful substances into breast milk that can adversely affect a child

For these reasons, pregnant and nursing women should not think about getting Permanent Makeup done. In case, they do turn to a Permanent Makeup Artist with a request of having a procedure anyway, Artist must refuse and explain all the above-mentioned reasons. Moreover, we must take responsibility for our actions. 

The best solution is to get the procedure 1-2 months before the intended pregnancy in order not to harm the future baby. To book your appointment click here.

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