Permanent Makeup Cover Up procedure refusal reasons


Permanent Makeup aim is to enhance your natural beauty. Longevity depends on many factors including age, skin type, immune system, habits etc. The procedure has to be performed only by a trained Permanent Makeup Artist.

The desire to correct poor-quality Permanent Makeup is understandable. No one wants to walk around with blue eyebrows or asymmetrical lips.

The most common Permanent Makeup Cover Up procedure refusal reasons:

  • Health-related problems
  • Poor results may indicate that the previously chosen pigments were not the best quality. Also, implanted at wrong depth which is often difficult or even impossible to correct.
  • Artist violates Permanent Makeup rules: creates ‘’insane’’ eyebrow shapes that are beyond the natural contour. Does not follow the bone structure and natural eyebrow arch. Also, ignores the vermilion border of the lip etc.
  • Permanent Makeup Artist does not want to harm own reputation.

When the question concerns the correction of the work performed by another Artist, even a highly qualified specialist can refuse treatment. In essence, if not sure of the possibility of achieving the best possible result.

It often happens that it is impossible to correct the shape of the previous result without preliminary removal. In this case, a client will most certainly be refused a procedure or offered to get/referred for removal.

As well as everyone else, Permanent Makeup Artists value their reputation. Having a good reputation is important to success and growth. It is an image in a society that everyone wants to maintain providing the best possible result in their field of expertise.

Never stop learning

A good Permanent Makeup Artist in order to provide you with a great result spends a lot of effort and finances on education. In a word, constantly upgrading skills as innovations bring new techniques and new opportunities every year. Also, uses only quality equipment, pigments and consumables and knows that ‘’practice makes it perfect’’.

If an Artist undertakes to correct the mistakes of the previous outcome and does not meet the expectations, the reputation may suffer as the ‘’last’’ Artist is responsible for the final result.

Poor quality Permanent Makeup is not fatal. There are no problems that cannot be solved but more time may be required.

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