Permanent Makeup benefits when Going on Holiday


Every woman dreams about going to a long-awaited vacation at sea. Do you want to forget about the tiring procedure of the morning makeup? Do you want to look perfect on the beach as well as in the restaurant? 

Would you rather carry a suitcase full of decorative makeup or just limit yourself to a minimum of the toiletry bag basics? 

Permanent Makeup is a solution to the dilemma in favour of comfort. 

However, in an effort to gain independence from a makeup bag it is necessary to take into account some factors: namely, when (taking into account the forthcoming holiday) to schedule a Permanent Makeup procedure. It has to be not later than a month before the holiday. Make sure to pay attention to these aspects: 

  • Contact with sand, sunlight and humidity has a negative effect on Permanent Makeup during the healing process.
  • If your procedure is in summer and healing process falls on hot summer days it is necessary to protect sensitive treatment areas from the direct sunlight. Wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses and sunscreens with at least 50 SPF (after the healing process has finished) can be your effective protective agents. 

Permanent Makeup does not wash or rub off; therefore, you always look good. 

  • It can easily mask small imperfections such as ‘’rare’’ eyebrows, uneven surface of the skin, scars, asymmetry etc.
  • It can be a solution for those, who have an allergy to makeup products. 

A great opportunity to look beautiful at any time of the day in any situation. 

Following all protective measures will not only preserve the result for a long time but also have a positive effect on your health. Majority of Beauty Salons and Clinics in London offer Permanent Makeup procedures. Make sure to carefully choose your Artist in order to avoid disappointment. 

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