How to choose the right Permanent Makeup Artist?


Nowadays, Permanent Makeup has become very fashionable and popular. The interesting and at the same time the sad fact is, that you can ‘’Learn’’ it during a couple of days and even get a certificate which technically allows you to work on people faces. All you need to do is to buy Permanent Makeup equipment and products and start working. Some ‘’Artists’’ forget about the fact that Practice Makes it Perfect and start their work straight away ruining people faces forgetting to sharpen skills on the paper as well as on fake skin beforehand.

How to protect yourself from not becoming a ‘’wearer’’ of poor-quality Permanent Makeup?

Surely, one of the easiest ways is to choose based on reviews and recommendations.

A good Permanent Makeup Artist:

  • should have a work gallery. Therefore, by looking at it is possible to determine whether the artist’ style is right for you since we all have different tastes and opinions.
  • does not hide diplomas or certificates confirming all necessary training has been completed.
  • has to constantly improve skills.
  • has to follow all Health and Safety standards. Also, will ask you to sign Consent and Medical History Forms. 

A good Permanent Makeup Artist must always keep a record of the work process. A ‘’before’’ picture must be taken as well as the sketch of the future Permanent Makeup look has to be pre-drawn. After all, the procedure will begin only after your approval.
Every Permanent Makeup Artist:

  • must show and open the disposable sterile needle cartridge in front of your eyes.
  • should have a vast palette of pigments to choose from. 

A good Permanent Makeup Artist who has spent a lot of effort and finances on education, constantly upgrades skills, uses only quality equipment, pigments and consumables will never cost cheap. 

By giving these easy steps to follow I truly hope that you will find the right Permanent Makeup Artist for yourself. Stay Beautiful! To book your appointment click here

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