How important is Permanent Makeup ‘’Touch up’’ procedure?


Permanent Makeup is a two-step procedure. Let’s have a look at the factors to understand the importance of completing both initial and touch up procedures. 

  • From a technical point of view, for the best possible result, we need: certified as well as advanced Permanent Makeup equipment and pigments that correspond to health and safety standards. Also, sterile and reliable needles/cartridges properly selected based on skin type as well as the client’ needs. 
  • When we ‘’touch’’ client’ skin for the first time we must: guided by our experience and intuition, inject the pigment into the papillary layer of the skin. Not too superficially, otherwise, it will peel off with scabs. Also, not too deep, otherwise, it will be perceived too unnatural and may look colder than it should be.

The thickness of the skin differs from person to person. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to client’ age as the older person – the thinner epidermis and slower regeneration. Skin type is another factor: the oilier skin the more active sebaceous glands are. Therefore, it is harder to implant as well as retain the pigment.

With this in mind, the technician will be more cautious at the first Permanent Makeup procedure as the main principle is – 

Do No Harm!

It is very important for a client to follow Permanent Makeup aftercare instruction! Which is thoroughly explained and the memo is given to take home. It is always better to add brightness and density at the Permanent Makeup touch up procedure rather than to try to lighten too active and unnatural colour. There are almost no cases when the pigment does not retain at all. Accordingly, during the Permanent Makeup touch up procedure we do not pre-draw shape but add some colour, sometimes correct the tone (adding warmth or cooler colour hue of the pigment). After both Permanent Makeup treatments are completed beautiful clients are free from the morning hassle for a fairly long period. The result lasts from 6 up to 24 months depending on the lifestyle, sun exposure, medicaments etc.

Permanent Makeup touch-up usually takes place between 6 weeks to 3 months after the initial procedure. After that, the date of the following touch ups depends on the client’ personal preferences. Where again, we return brightness and sometimes slightly change the shape as our faces tend to change over time. Talking about future/long term touch-ups: ideally is to let the pigment fade maximally in order to preserve the most natural result avoiding pigment building up.

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