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Uljana Belov

<u>Uljana Belov</u>


Never stop learning.

I have always been a good and inquisitive student. There were practically no subjects that would not interest me. After graduating from high school with honours, having learned a few languages and graduating from Tallinn University of Technology I felt that something was still missing. As soon as I discovered Micropigmentation World, I immediately realised that this was mine. I have successfully completed Šœicropigmentation course, travelled to a few countries to beauty congresses and exhibitions for more workshops. Once, I was lucky enough to assist well-known international master-trainer in Šœicropigmentation throughout the course for trainers in Hong Kong.


Learn. Train. Work. Repeat.

I have been working in the beauty industry for over five years, three of which have been dedicated to Micropigmentation. I am a highly skilled and experienced Permanent Makeup Artist based in London who is passionate about beauty and creativity. I offer the very latest Permanent Makeup techniques to deliver a realistic look as well as to enhance your features and bring out your natural beauty.


It is necessary to do what you love.

More important is to find a teacher that loves the field she is in and can deliver all information clearly and with passion. I was fortunate to meet such a teacher at the beginning of my career, so as a result I also fell in love with Micropigmentation. There are so many ways to cultivate yourself in this industry: innovations bring new techniques and new opportunities every year. Therefore, I am a regular participant in various international congresses with the aim to learn new techniques and stay up to date with the latest industry trends.